The massages that I have received from Sarah have enhanced my athletic performance and helped me to recover from injuries faster. Her unique ability to understand the particular patterns of tightness in my body, particularly my glutes and IT band resulted in improved athletic performance. I highly recommend Sarah to anyone who needs or wants an incredible massage experience. Sarah listens and works with you to insure you receive the maximum benefits from her massage therapy.

–Matthew Evans

Sarah is the best massage therapists, I have ever used. She relieved tightness and pain in my back, increasing flexibility and mobility in my first session. I am sure results are different for everyone. The treatment she used on me lasted for a long time. Her knowledge and skills is incredible. She asked the right questions before the treatment began. She listens and pays attention to you. You can expect consistent quality care for your challenges.

I highly recommend using Sarah! I will be back.


Before Sarah, I had seen several other massage therapist as well  as chiropractors and physical therapists but none of these sessions had helped  me as much as Sarah’s.

My body is always feeling much better after the  treatment with Sarah. I like that Sarah not only treating the symptoms of my problems but she finds  the root cause and work on it to alleviate the problems. And I also like that Sarah is continuously taking training classes to improve  her skills and to keep update with advances from the medical and alternative  treatment field.

I highly recommend Sarah to anyone who needs a massage therapist.

Sarah Jane O’Neil is the most knowledgeable and pleasant massage therapist I  have ever had.

–Emma Thao Buchman, Realtor

Sarah has been my massage therapist for more than ten years. I admire the fact that she is always taking classes and getting new skills and certifications that enhance her practice.

–Donna Buys

Sarah O’Neil’s gift for healing and massage is unsurpassed. She is trained in many modalities including Cranial-Sacral. Sarah’s knowledge, intuition and vast experience allows her to work with many types of disease and injury. One visit will tell you all you need to know. Sarah is excellent.



When considering a therapist, the characteristics that I wanted most were skill and professionalism. I was fortunate to find Sara-Jane O’Neil soon after I moved to San Diego and have been a steady customer ever since.

My first session with Sarah-Jane convinced me of her skill. She made a sincere effort to understand my needs so she could spend time addressing them. Over the years when I had an issue with a specific area, she often solved my concerns with only one or two visits. And when there are no specific concerns, her basic massage is without compare.

Her professionalism is excellent. When I call for an appointment, she tries very hard to accommodate my schedule. If she can’t, she works hard to find a time that will work. And when she makes an appointment, she is punctual. Her facility is very clean and neat. If I want to talk, she’d fun to visit with; but if I just want to relax and be quiet, she puts me at ease and lets me enjoy the best massage in the area!

–Charlie Burwell

I just wanted to let the world know how much I value my weekly or bi-weekly massage therapy sessions given by Sarah- Jane O’Neil. I have been seeing Sarah exclusively since 2001 and I can honestly say that I have never experienced such relaxation and ache/pain relief from anyone else. In fact, I had gone to several other massage therapists before, but once I experienced a session with Sarah, I was hooked and have never been to anyone else since!

Sarah is truly a healer! She identifies exactly where my trouble spots are and then she goes to work to eliminate the discomfort. I still find it amazing that Sarah can isolate the exact spot where I had had just described to her. Sarah’s skills and dedication are second to none and I am so glad that I have had the good fortune to have her helping me through my aging years!! I would not hesitate to tell anyone how gifted and talented Sarah is. Her compassion in helping others is truly a gift.

I am also so impressed by Sarah’s desire to continually learn and integrate new techniques and methods into her massage therapy sessions. Sarah is so knowledgeable about human body physiology which makes it easy for me to put my complete confidence and trust in her hands (literally!!)

I would recommend Sarah-Jane O’Neil to anyone who is looking for the best massage therapist!

–Robbi Campbell

Sarah-Jane O’Neil is the most knowledgeable and effective massage therapist I have ever used.  She has helped keep my body in working order for several years, and made suggestions to get me through body malfunctions.  Everyone should see her once a month.

–Carole Morrison

Sarah has just the right combination of light touch and deep tissue work and knows exactly when to use them.

-Bob Spindler

Sarah is a great healer, sensitive and flexible to the client’s needs.


My name is April Jones and I have been seeing Sarah Jane O’Neil for several winters for cranial sacral therapy.  The reason I came to her was because she had been recommended by a therapist in Washington State who had also attended  courses through the Upledger Institute. Sarah was recommended in part because of the advanced level of her course work and also because she is a teaching assistant at the Upledger Institute. This is an honorary position not open to any practitioner.

We spend our time divided between San Diego and Washington State so it was important that I find two therapists with the same approach.My problem was a stiffening of the muscles in my shoulders, neck and jaw.  They had become so stiff that my range of motion and day to day activities were compromised. Little by little over time my range of motion has improved.  I notice this improvement especially when I am driving and need to turn my head to either side.

One of the things which I learned was the relationship between the cranium and the sacrum. At times I felt no pain in my hip area yet when she applied therapy to that area I would have a release in the neck and jaw.The other issue which has been helpful is the way her therapy has reduced my level of pain.  In the beginning the only time during the week when I could relax pain free was when I was on her table. Now several days go by without too much discomfort. I still get therapy once a week and will continue to do so as needed.

In addition to her skill in cranial sacral therapy, she is a delightful person to know.  She has given me many valuable suggestions for my home program and has been open to any concerns and questions that I have had through my journey. She is easy to talk to, compassionate, and always maintains her patients’ confidentiality. I would recommend Sarah Jane O’Neil to anyone dealing with a health issue. She is a very knowledgeable and highly skill professional.

–April Jones

Sarah has been my massage therapist for well over a decade. The only time I ever get a massage from some other person is if I am out of town. They are always just okay. Sarah is almost magical in how she finds where you hurt and then fixes it. It is not only that she has been well educated in massage and craniosacral therapy but also the fact that she is a sensitive, caring women…and strong. Just today, I had a massage and my feet and ankles had been killing me for 5 days. Came home pain free. Sarah has also over the years given my daughters and grandaughters massages as well. She is amazing with all ages and all body types.She just “knows” what we need.

She’s the BEST. No doubt about it!

–Linda Roth

If anyone out there is looking for a great masseuse I would definitely recommend Sarah Jane O’Neil   Sarah has been my masseuse for eight years and I have always received a thorough and satisfying massage.  Many time she has gone beyond the call of duty and helped me with many different ailments that most masseuse would not have the expertise to help with. I am looking forward to more years of great massages from Sarah in the future.

–Joe Sass

Sarah has been my massage therapist for more than ten years. I admire the fact that she is always taking classes and getting new skills and certifications that enhance her practice.

–Donna Buys